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The OpenEnrollment edition of BeneFacts is available on the Publications. This newsletter was emailed to all employees on April 9, 2014.

Healthkeepers - Fauquier Hospital

Anthem Healthkeepers POS Subscriber:

We want to take this opportunity to inform you of very important Emergency Room provider participation information related to the Anthem Healthkeepers POS network.

Human Resources was just notified that the Emergency Room physicians staffing the Fauquier Hospital ER are not currently HealthKeepers participating providers.   Keep in mind, the Fauquier Hospital is an in-network facility, and it is only the ER physicians that are considered HealthKeepers out-of-network providers. This ER physician group is a KeyCare PPO participating provider.

If you seek emergency medical care at Fauquier Hospital’s Emergency Room, Anthem will process your ER related claims at the in-network level, to include the ER physician charges. However, in addition to receiving an Explanation of Benefits, since the Emergency Room physician(s) are not in-network providers, you will personally be issued a check representing Anthem’s payment for the ER physician(s) charges.  The ER physician may bill you the difference between Anthem’s payment and their total charges.

Therefore, unless a life threatening emergency, you are encouraged to access Emergency Room services at alternative hospitals, Urgent Care or Retail Health Clinic. You may also call the Anthem 24/7 Nurse Line at 800 337-4770 for advice related to whether or not an emergency room is the most appropriate setting for your medical care.
Please take the time to familiarize yourself with alternative options through Anthem’s Find A Doctor website.  Currently all Emergency Room physicians at other local hospitals are HealthKeepers participating providers; this ER physician group is one of the few exceptions throughout the Commonwealth.

We are regularly in touch with Anthem and want to assure you that their provider relations staff always attempts to secure a provider contract with the ER physicians that staff participating facilities, and they continue to work toward securing a HealthKeepers participating provider contract with the Fauquier Hospital ER Physicians’ group.  We will keep you updated as we receive additional information.

What Is The Hybrid Plan?

A special edition of the VRS Member News is available - December 2013 Special Edition of Member News. The special edition focuses on the new VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan which will apply to most members hired on or after January 1, 2014. Current VRS members can either remain in their current plan or join the hybrid plan during the opt-in period from January 1 through April 30, 2014. The decision to opt-in is irrevocable after April 30, 2014. For current members, the hybrid plan membership becomes effective July 1, 2014. Tools (calculator, comparison guide, and webinars) to assist you in your decision can be viewed at
The VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan combines the features of a defined benefit plan, which pays a monthly retirement benefit based on age, total service credit and average final compensation, and a defined contribution plan, which provides a retirement benefit based on contributions and the investment performance of those contributions.
The Office of Benefits and Retirement Services will continue to communicate all information  as received from VRS to our employees and make available any scheduled meetings, Web site links, and contacts.  At this time, you may contact the Hybrid Retirement Plan Support Team at
1.855.291.2285 or email Stay tuned for more communication.

VSP EnVision April 2014

The April 2014 EnVision Newsletter is available.  Read more

March 2014 Solutions Newsletter

The March 2014 Solutions Newsletter is available.  Read more

PWCS Tuition Reimbursement Program Update
The purpose of the PWCS Tuition Reimbursement Program is to encourage professional growth and development, to meet certification and license renewal requirements, and to increase instructional knowledge and skills sets. This program is available on a first-come-first-served basis, contingent on the availability of budgeted funds. The Office of Benefits & Retirement Services has received a large number of reimbursement requests, and our funds are now depleted for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. At this time there are not any funds available for future requests for classes within the current fiscal year through June 30, 2014. Any future requests received would be put on a waitlist. If you have received confirmation of approval for your request, the funds are available for your request pending the successful completion of your class with a B or better and submission of your grade within 45 days of completion.

Provisionally licensed teachers in core subject areas fall under the No Child Left Behind Tuition Reimbursement Program.
Core courses include English, Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Civics, Government, Economics, Arts, Music, History, Geography and regular elementary education classroom teachers.  Funds are currently available with this program for current fiscal year classes and VCLA, VRE, Praxis II and other tests required for completion of provisional licensure for core subject teachers through NCLB.
Testing reimbursement is only available for tests required for teacher certification requirements, and only for current teachers in core subjects, not teaching assistants, as regulated by the NCLB grant.  There is no reimbursement for SLLA testing.
Additional information, amounts of reimbursement and forms are available by selecting Tuition Reimbursement from the navigation menu or by emailing

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