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Office of Benefits & Retirement Services
Your Summer Pay Statements and VRS Employee Contributions

Employees other than year-round workers may notice that VRS retirement and group life insurance fringe benefits will not appear on their summer pay statements. PWCS will have already reported your entire salary for this school year to VRS. Also, employee contributions for VRS are suspended over the summer for ten and eleven month employees, bus drivers and attendants, and Food Service workers paid September through June.  All benefits payable to the VRS will be paid with our June reports to that agency. Your VRS fringe benefits and employee contributions for the new fiscal year will start after you return to work. Please contact the Office of Benefits and Retirement Services at or the Payroll Office if you have questions.

Sheakley's New myRSC Mobile App Coming July 1, 2015! ​

Flexible Benefits at your fingertips
You can now access your FSA account information on your smartphone with the Mobile myRSC app for iPhone and Android​.
What You Can Do with Mobile myRSC
  • VIEW ACCOUNTS — Including detailed account and balance information
  • VIEW CARD ACTIVITY — Account Information
  • MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS — Set up email notifications to keep you up-to-date on all account and health debit card activity.
  • SNAPCLAIM™ — Our Mobile App for iPhone® and Android® with integrated SnapClaim™ technology allows claims filing using your smartphone! Just open a claim using the mobile app, fill in some details onscreen, take a photo of your receipt with your smartphone camera, and upload. Claims filing couldn’t be easier!
Click here for a flyer with more information.
Locating and Loading the Mobile myRSC App
Simply search for “myRSC” on the App Store℠ for Apple devices or on the Google Play™ Store for Android devices, and then load as you would any other app.
Logging In
Access the mobile services using the same username and password you use to log in to the full myRSC® website. After logging in, you will be on the home page which will list your options.​ To set up your log in information, please follow these instructions from your PC.

Flexible Spending Health Care Reimbursement Plan
mySourceCard” Debit Card Issued for 2015 Plan Year
Prince William County Public Schools is excited to offer the “mySourceCard” debit card as a part of the Flexible Spending Health Care Reimbursement Program for the plan year beginning July 1, 2015.  The mySourceCard was introduced during Open Enrollment and we have received lots of positive feedback regarding this enhancement to the Flexible Spending Health Care Reimbursement Program.  Participants in the Flexible Spending Program received an email directly from MyRSC this week detailing the use and parameters of the mySourceCard.  As a point of clarification, Dependent Care expenses (child daycare) will not be an allowable expense via the mySourceCard.  Although the attachment to the MyRSC email does reference Dependent Care expenses, our plan does not allow these expenses to be processed via the mySourceCard.  The mySourceCard allows you to pay for Health Care Reimbursement expenses for yourself and your dependent family members with the swipe of a card!

The mySourceCard MasterCard® Debit Card Virtually Eliminates:

  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Claim Forms
  • Reimbursement Checks
Through the use of a benefit linked debit card, employees will have easier access to the funds set aside in their employer-sponsored benefit accounts simply by swiping the mySourceCard at the point of sale.

This MasterCard debit card transfers funds from employee benefit accounts directly to qualified providers with no out-of-pocket cost and no need to file a claim for reimbursement.
The mySourceCard can be used at any qualified service provider that accepts MasterCard. Additionally, the mySourceCard will be accepted at merchant locations using the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS). Participants may use the mySourceCard for eligible health care expenses such as medical deductibles, copayments not covered by a health plan, prescriptions, dental and vision expenses. Please also keep your receipts for verification if contacted by Sheakley to audit expenses charged to your card.

The mySourceCard card will be mailed to your home address.  Look for it in your home mailbox around June 25, 2015.  If you will require a second card you may request one using this form .  Please fax your completed form to Sheakley, the plan administrator, at 513-326-8082.  You will not be charged for your first and second card.  Additional cards will require you to pay a fee per card.   You may use the card as of July 1, 2015 for expenses for the 2015 Plan Year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016).  Please contact Sheakley, at 1-800-877-6630, with any questions.


The fourth edition of  "BeneFacts", the quarterly newsletter published by the Office of Benefits and Retirement Services is available.  Find the "BeneFacts, Volume 5, Issue 4" – June 16, 2015 newsletter on the Benefits Office Publications page.
In the newsletter:
  1. FSA Reimbursement Debit Card
  2. Web Access – Employee Self Service
  3. Flexible Spending (FSA) 2 ½ month extension for 2014 -2015
  4. 2015-2016 Employee Premiums
  5. Summer Payment Statements and VRS Contributions
  6. Tuition Reimbursement Program Update
  7. Keep Your Address & Email Updated
View it at the following link:
Benefits Office Publications page​

Changes to the HMO Guest Membership Program
The HMO Guest Membership Program will be making the following change to their guidelines effective July 1, 2015. 
    ~ An HMO Guest Member cannot permanently live outside their home plan service area.  HMO members who temporarily reside outside their Home Plan service area, due to a work assignment, college, or a retiree with dual residence are permitted a Guest Membership of 6 months duration. ~
Members enrolled in the HMO Guest Membership Program must maintain a permanent residence within the Home Plan service area.

Members who meet the HMO Guest Membership qualifications are required to reapply for Guest Membership every 6 months.  This must be done within the last 30 days of their six month membership period - prior to their Guest Membership terminating.  Anthem does not send any type of advance notice to HMO Guest Members notifying them their membership in the Program is ending.

Any members who are permanently living outside the service area will receive a letter notifying them their Guest Membership will terminate effective July 1, 2015.  Members found to be permanently living outside the Anthem HealthKeepers service area will need to make other arrangements for health insurance coverage prior to this date.

Members who have questions about this guideline change can contact Anthem by phone or email. 
Anthem has provided information on how to immediately enroll in credit protection services to all members who are potentially impacted by the Cyber Attack.
Starting February 13, 2015, current and former Anthem members can visit to learn more about credit monitoring and identity theft repair services provided by AllClear ID, a leading and trusted identity protection provider. All services are available for two years.
  • Identity theft repair services are available to Anthem members who feel they have experienced fraud. For members who have been impacted by the cyber attack, these services are automatically available and do not require enrollment. Please visit to learn how to access these services. Members may access identity repair services by calling 877-263-7995.
  • Credit monitoring services require a member to actively enroll because the member must provide their personal information and consent to have their credit monitored. Members can enroll at any time during the 24 month coverage period, and can learn how to sign up at Members who do not have access to the Internet may call 877-263-7995 for assistance.
Anthem EdWard Member Notice
Virginia residents who may have been impacted by the cyber attack against Anthem, should be aware of scam email campaigns targeting current and former Anthem members. These scams, designed to capture personal information (known as “phishing”) are designed to appear as if they are from Anthem and the emails include a “click here” link for credit monitoring. These emails are NOT from Anthem.

• DO NOT click on any links in email.
• DO NOT reply to the email or reach out to the senders in any way.
• DO NOT supply any information on the website that may open, if you have clicked on a link in email.
• DO NOT open any attachments that arrive with email.

Anthem is not calling members regarding the cyber attack and is not asking for credit card information or social security numbers over the phone.

This outreach is from scam artists who are trying to trick consumers into sharing personal data. There is no indication that the scam email campaigns are being conducted by those that committed the cyber attack, or that the information accessed in the attack is being used by the scammers.

Anthem will contact current and former members via mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service about the cyber attack with specific information on how to enroll in credit monitoring. Affected members will receive free credit monitoring and ID protection services.

For more guidance on recognizing scam email, please visit the FTC Website:

For more information on the cyber attack, please visit .
LiveHealth Online - Anthem Health Service

Enroll at 

What is LiveHealth Online?
LiveHealth Online is a convenient way for you to talk with and get treatment from a doctor at or on your smartphone or tablet using the free app. It is secure, private, easy-to-use and affordable. You can have live, instant or planned visits with doctors seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You use two-way video conferencing, along with instant messaging.

Why would I use LiveHealth Online instead of going to visit my doctor in person?
The choice to use LiveHealth Online is different for each person. For some, busy schedules, location or other conflicts make it hard to get to the doctor’s offi ce. It also depends on the type of condition you need care or treatment for.  Sometimes there’s just no substitute for going to the doctor in person. But other times, the convenience of having a doctor a click away can help you get the care you need when you need it.

When is LiveHealth Online available?
Doctors are available on LiveHealth Online seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do doctors have access to my health information?
If you enroll and set up an account, doctors who use LiveHealth Online can access your health information and review previous treatment recommendations and information from prior LiveHealth Online visits.

How much does it cost to use LiveHealth Online?
You can see a doctor using LiveHealth Online for the same cost as your regular doctor visits. You just have to enroll for free at or on the app, and choose a doctor to see your cost. Without enrolling, your health plan won’t be able to cover your visit.
LiveHealth Online - Easy, fast doctor visits.
All from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device.

Smartphone or tablet using the free app.


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